Best Diet Tips For Successful Weight Loss

TIP NO. 1 Don’t skip Breakfast. Most people find that they lose weight when they skip breakfast, so they make skipping breakfast a habit. Skipping breakfast may cut calories but it can also leave you hungry and out of energy throughout the day which causes overeating and unhealthy snacking. Study shows that people who eat breakfast every morning are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Eat something (preferably protein) in the mornings to boost your metabolism and sustain your energy levels for a productive day.

TIP NO. 2:  Eat several small portion meals during the day rather than a one time tank of food. Please note that in order to lose weight, you must eat fewer calories than you burn. People who eat 4-5 meals or snacks per day are better able to control their appetite and weight according to research. Divide your daily calories, carb, and fat into smaller portions at the start of day to avoid the temptation of eating more than your daily requirements.

TIP NO. 3:  Drink plenty of low calorie fluids (preferably water). Don’t confuse thirst with hunger because sometimes all your body really needs is a glass of cold ice beverage. If you don’t like drinking water you can add or spice your water up with either a slice of lemon or other fruits to sweeten it up. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink. Set a timer if possible to remind you to drink maybe every hour. Eight 8-ounce glasses, about 2 liters, or half a gallon or fluid is recommended for daily consumption. REMEMBER 8×8 RULE.

TIP NO 4:  Don’t drink too many calories. Calories in fruit juice add up really quickly than you can imagine. Fancy coffee and alcoholic beverages can be up to 500 calories or more. Don’t overlook the calories in the beverages you drink, save the calories for some nice whole meal. One soda a day adds 10-15 pounds a year. It is important to note that liquid calories does not curb hunger.

TIP NO. 5:  Avoid mindless eating or snacking. Mindless eating occurs when you finally sit down relaxing with a bag of chips or cookies in front of the television especially after dinner. This can turn into a chronic habit that can be difficult to get rid of, and it can result in significant weight gain. You should allow yourself a low-calorie snack (like 100 calories at a time), track how much snack you consume, or completely close down your kitchen after a certain hour. Homemade snacks are usually a winner when trying to lose weight because most stores bought snacks have hidden calories and sugar that they don’t necessarily report.

TIP NO. 6:  Eat protein at every meal. Protein is more satisfying than carbs. Protein helps preserve muscle mass and encourage fat burning while keeping you feeling full during the fat burning process, so be sure to include healthy protein sources like yogurt, cheese, nuts, or beans. Meat is also another great source of protein that should be eaten in moderation.

TIP NO. 7:  Do not get rid of your favorite food. You can still enjoy your favorite food in moderation. Complete doing without your favorite foods leads to weight gain because it triggers “rebound ” overeating. Cutting out your favorite foods may make it difficult to adhere to your diet and weight loss process.

TIP NO. 8:  Speaking of diet, DON’T USE CRASH DIETS. Yes, you can lose weight fast with those diets but what you’re doing is really training your metabolism to slow down, so when you start eating again you will gain weight even much faster than before. A slow and steady diet is recommended for a successful weight loss and weight maintenance.

TIP NO. 9:  When you go out to eat, order children’s portions. This helps trim your calories and get your portions under control. If possible, use smaller plates and taller glasses to make it seem like a lot of food because if your mind is satisfied, your stomach likely will too.

TIP NO. 10:  Stock your kitchen with healthy alternative and convenience foods. This was you’ll be less likely to hit the drive-through or call in a pizza order if you can make a healthy meal in 5 to 10 minutes. Pre-packaged foods is another great way you can keep from indulging too many calories.

TIP NO. 11:  Last but not least, get physically active. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or not, physical activity is good for you. Don’t use exercise to earn overeating right, this sets up a negative thought pattern which may cause you even hate exercising the more. When you exercise, focus on how great you feel, how much more energy you have, and how much better you sleep. Several exercises to help with weight loss are readily available online, YouTube, apps, and more. Just mere 30 minutes walking 3 times a day can produce dramatic changes rather than sitting in front of the screen and making excuses. Make it a habit and find the fun in it, you’ll be happier than ever.

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