3 Minute Keto Mug Bread

Bread – If you ask a lot of people to tell you their number one reason they fail with their diet, they will most likely mention “love for bread”. I am yet to meet a non-bread lover. I specifically love bread just because it’s the most simplest food to serve as a busy mom. Well, that does not make me a bad mom does it?. You’ll be surprise how delicious, nutritious, and appetizing my bread dishes are, so it’s impossible for my kids to resist lol. Anyways, my first three months on keto diet I thought I was going to need rehabilitation from bread. I was going crazy over breadlessness (if that’s a word), and bread was banned from my home because when I see anyone holding bread,let’s just say that person might need bilateral hand prosthetic because I might bite off your hands along with the bread. Not being able to eat bread was the most difficult thing for me being on keto diet. Today, I can boldly say that I found a remedy to my bread assault self, and now my family can enjoy bread dishes again without hiding in the closet to eat their bread. Below is one of my many delicious, easy to make microwaved keto bread recipe.


1 cup Almond flour

3 raw eggs

1/2 tsp baking powder

3 tbsp butter

1/2 cup almond milk


Mix all ingredients together, pour the content in a mug, place in the microwave for three minutes. Slice and enjoy with any bread dish.

Watch full video below for more clarification on the direction.



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