Importance of Eating Breakfast.


Breakfast is the first meal of the day, regardless of the type of food or time of day. Breakfast is most often eaten in the early morning before beginning your day. Most people start their day prior to eating breakfast, while other do before starting off their day. When one goes to bed at night, they are typically in a fasting mode the entire time that they are asleep, and if you’re a night worker like me, I am guessing your breakfast is in the early evenings since evening is our morning. Normal people, excluding the night shift gangs, break their nighttime fasting mode with food or drink. That first bite of food of first drink of water breaks that fasting mode, hence, breakfast. Breakfast is unique to different people from different culture. Some cultures believe in eating heavy breakfast prior to starting their day because they believe it makes their day more productive by enhancing their strength. Others believe in eating a much lighter breakfast like a boiled egg and a cup of coffee or tea. Part of my family are Africa descendants, so when I was little, I had the privilege to visit my Africa (West Africa precisely) for a fall  vacation, and I was stunned to learn about their food culture and other beautiful healthy cultural practices of my family.  My grandfather would wake us up in early mornings, I mean as early as 5 a.m, and he make us sit by the fireplace (when I say fireplace, I mean campfire type situation with bamboo wood burning, gasoline, and smoke-filled air at the backyard), say a prayer together as family, and then tells or share stories and laughter before going about our days. Sometimes it is like 30 degrees outside and we will still be outside by the fire. We all participated, I mean WE ALL, no exception.  Even when I left home, I was told he kept and practiced this culture until he passed away a day after valentine’s day 2015. My grandfather was a college professor, and he was very strict and particular about giving instructions and following up on it. Okay back to the breakfast situation. I noticed that my family and other surrounding neighbors would warm fufu (a stone hard rock looking starchy food) with soup for breakfast. Some even eat almost a bucket of rice loaded with assorted meat or fried plantains before going to work or farms. I asked my grandfather why people eat that heavy in the morning . P.S. I am used to eating bread, egg, bacon, and tea. He replied with “a lot of us do hard labor pulling and pushing stuffs all day long, and some are under the sun all day long. We need to eat in order to do those work because sometimes that’s all the food we have in our stomach before we come home for dinner”. My grandfather basically preached to me letting me know that they work hard. I said hmm.. OK sure!.

Being a night shift worker in America as a nurse, I eat breakfast whenever I wake up in my morning (typically around 5 p.m.), but on my off days, I eat breakfast at about 6-7 a.m. A lot of people who are dieting, especially the ketogenic dieters observe intermittent fasting and eat breakfast around noon. Some even eat breakfast later in the evening as their only meal of the day. Breakfast in my opinion is very essential, and I believe skipping breakfast is one of many reasons dieters fail most times. Breakfast is like the fuel or gas your vehicle need to run smoothly. I discovered that when I skip breakfast for any reason, I find myself snacking unnecessarily until lunch time, and most of the time the snacks are unhealthy and non-filing, so breakfast  prevent overindulging in high-calorie foods. Without breakfast, I also find myself unproductive, putting off things that I planned to do just because of lack of energy. Whey you eat breakfast in the morning, chances of snacking is low and you have the energy and motivation to complete whatever task you have while indirectly burning calories. Also intermittent fasting can affect your blood sugar, and in turn, your mood. Be sure to consult with your doctor if you’re diabetic before engaging in any type of fasting. Diabetes is a whole lot topic on its own that I am researching right now as we speak.

Most common breakfast consumed in America includes but are not limited to pancakes, egg, bacon, sausage, oats, and cereals, but when you are on a diet, you quickly find out hoe limited your choices of breakfast are especially when you are trying to avoid foods high in carbs as most breakfast recipes are high in carbs and fat. On a positive note, ketogenic dieters are blessed with eggs, bacon, and sausage because foods like oats and cereals are a no-no on keto diet, but you can still enjoy pancakes made from coconut or almond flower. Smoothies are also a good choice of breakfast when on a diet. I love to put things together to make something when it comes to breakfast. I discovered that I lost more weight when I eat breakfast compared to when I skipped it. Intermittent fasting works, but remember that when you skip breakfast before going to the office, there is always a chance of finding that nice looking donuts flirting with you at the corner that you might not be able to resist. You will be 100% tempted to eat that donuts when you skip breakfast because frankly speaking, you’re hungry. Eat or drink something, even if it’s just a cup of coffee with heavy cream to boost or fire up your metabolism. Sometimes I even skip lunch if I had a good breakfast that morning, and lunch is easier to skip and stay on diet track than skipping breakfast.


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